What goggles does Michael Phelps the Olympic Champion wear?

I look for simple solutions and I have been watching the Olympics and I wondered what goggles Olympic champion Michael Phelps wears. I love to swim since I got over my fear of water but I need to wear goggles so I can see, however, the goggles I have let water in even though they were not cheap. So I figured Michael Phelps will have great advice.

I found after searching a lot that Michael Phelps wore Speedo Speed Socket Polarized Goggles not Speedo Fast Skin Goggles in the 2012 Olympics.

In an interview I heard Michael say the New Speedo Goggles have a better seal than his previous goggles so they are very effective in keeping out water. I need them ’cause when I tighten my goggles to stop water getting in they hurt. If I make them not so tight they fly off when I dive in. So I thought the Speedo speed goggles must be the way to go. One simple action from a champion I am sure can make a big difference.

In addition, Michael Phelps said the polarized lenses really help reduce glare so you can see better under water. Who can disagree with a Michael who won 20 Olympic medals for swimming so far before the Rio Olympics?

Of course, champions change their tools that help make them successful and now I know that Michael no longer uses Speedo’s polarized goggles.

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