What are Examples of Autosuggestion? What are Examples of Heterosuggestion?

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After I wrote the article titled What is Autosuggestion? What is Heterosuggestion? in response to email inquiries I thought it would be a good idea to expand on the topic by offering examples of each of these concepts so it is very clear what is being talked about.

(If you have not read ‘What is Autosuggestion? What is Heterosuggestion? you can do so right now by going here.)

Examples of Autosuggestion

Recall Autosuggestion can be positive and negative and it can either boost your ability to nourish your personal and professional life or help destroy it.

Positive Autosuggestion examples – the ones we want to be using on ourselves – include:

Self talk like: “I am happy; I am fun to be around; I am healthy; I am an excellent educator”.

Personal comments (the way we want to respond to people when they ask you how you are) include: “I am feeling wonderful; I feel super; Life is going great; This is another great day”.

Note on positive autosuggestions: keep using them!

Negative Autosuggestions examples – the ones we need to watch out for (and sometimes they are not easy to notice) include:

Self talk like: “I can’t do that; I will never be able to have a job like that; I am always in debt; I am always broke”.

Personal comments (again this is when people ask you how you are) “I am okay; I feel tired; life is difficult.” This kind of self talk and personal commentary only goes to damage your sense of self in a slow and sneaky way like water enter the walls of a home.

Note on on negative autosuggestions: these statements you need to immediately up root it from your mind and replace it with a positive one. To help assist you get yourself some motivational reading material some of the book listed here under life changing books and perhaps some motivational cards like those here.

Examples of Heterosuggestion

Like Autosuggestion, Heterosuggestions can be positive and negative.

Positive Heterosuggestion examples are any statements you hear from another that make you feel good about yourself and your ability including: “Hey, Mary, you did a great job; John, you are an excellent speaker; David, you give great advice”.

Negative Heterosuggestion examples: These are the most dangerous heterosuggestions the statements like: “Joe, you are not capable of that; Jane, you work slowly; Sam, your ideas will never work”. These are not helpful statement of criticism for an action they are statement against you as a person. Keep them out of your mind. When you hear statements like these or anything that is said to you that could unjustifiably damage your self esteem and your ability to live happy and successfully. Stop. Right away you need to ‘delete’ in your mind the statement and say to yourself the opposite or another supportive statement.

Note on negative heterosuggestions: Be very conscious of the people you associate with and how they talk to you. If people do not speak to you lovingly get yourself around nicer people or simply nourish you mind with ‘good mental food’. You will find examples of ‘good mental food’ here in the list of life changing books. Check out also some motivational cards like those here.

I trust this examples and educational suggestions will help you create more health, happiness and prosperity in your life and the lives of those around you starting today.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. I also recommend if you want to read more about the power of autosuggestion and heterosuggestion and how to really use it in your life get a hold of the book called The Power of Your Subconscious MindIt is one of those books I wish I had discovered when I was a teenager.

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