Your child’s mantra for school and home

Young children like adults are pounded with daily negative information and very few children experience positive affirmations that are designed to remind them of how wonderful they are and can continue to be.

About six months ago my sister told me she had created a mantra for her children and they repeat it together before the children go to sleep.

It goes something like this:

“I am strong

I am courageous

I am happy

I am joyful

I can do anything…..”

I started this practice with my children the next day.

You too can sit down today and create a few lines that you and your child can repeat each evening. Better yet create the mantra with your child.

Emile Coué the renowned French doctor taught us back in the 1800s with his phrase “everyday in everyway I am getting better and better’ (of course his version was in French), Emile Coué taught us the power of autosuggestion.

Everyday you and your child repeat the mantra together you can make your world get better and better.

Do this and make more wonderful things happen in our world.

You may also wish to check out the resources on this site including the mini motivational cards that are offered at this time at no charge.

NOTE: I was inspired to write this article when I received a posting from Success Magazine  about a Mum and her child’s mantra. Shelby’s article reminded me of what I had learned from my sister.

Here is Shelby’s article