You are the Greatest Miracle in the World

Back in 1975 Og Mandino wrote a new book that was a follow up to his ground breaking best seller. This new book was designed to remind you that you and all of us are the Greatest Miracle in the World.

My Dad gave me a collection of Og Mandino’s books and the title The Greatest Miracle in the Worldspoke to me. I read it eagerly and to my surprise I liked the fact that it was written as a story about the relationship between the author and an older gentleman (the rag picker ) who the author met one snowy day while trying to enter a parking lot. The rag picker became the author’s mentor and inspiration for this book.

Just before the end the book presents the reader with what is called the God Memorandum – a detailed 17 page document designed to inspire you to remember how wonderful you and everyone else is.

Check out for yourself The Greatest Miracle in the World or get it from your library. This book may create for you a turning point in your life you have waited for a long time.

If you like personal development books written in the format of a story you will like The Richest Man in Babylon as it uses a tale to teach us another life lesson and if you don’t know it I recommend you read Paulo Coelho’s timeless tale his International Best Seller The Alchemist