Writing down Goals Does Not Work

One of my goals - family hikes - photo by D. Hennessey

Have you ever heard that it is important to just write your goals down? I believe writing down all your goals once a year or once a month does NOT work to help you achieve them. If it did most of us (myself included) would have achieved all our goals years ago.

What does help?

I learned from Brian Tracy (author of Eat That Frog!) that writing down my goals daily, yes daily, really helps. I find this works for many people too.

It works because it keeps you and I focused on exactly what are the most important goals in our life at this moment. Each day I read my goals, I rewrite them and I act on a task that will move me towards achieving each of these goals that day. If I read a goal and I am not inspired to act on it that day it is not a goal it is a waste of time. My real goals I am always inspired to achieve.

How many goals am I talking about writing down each day?

I put my goals in six global categories:


Material / Financial

Social / Emotional / Family


Mental / Intellectual


And each day I only have one action step for each goal category and I just want to fulfill this action step.

How can you and I check daily if we are on track to achieving a goal? (Accountability)

Each day after I write down my goal and goal related task I draw a little box at the end the note. Then at the end of the day I check over my goals and I put a ‘check mark’ if the task has been completed. If not, I consider moving the task to the following day or choosing another task to move me to my goal.

The box and check mark idea is simple and powerful because when you review your goals you get the satisfaction from achieving the step. Plus you are setting in place for you an accountability step to test if you are truly working on your goals.

Okay, I hope this help you. If you want more information on goal achievement you can get your self a copy of my FREE e-workbook on personal development and check out step eight plus you can also read over the selection of personal development articles noted below articles. If you have additional questions send me an email.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


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