Working For Wages or Building a Fortune? Stress Reduction Tip

Did you know that if you need to earn a living then you have a choice?

You can work for wages or build a fortune.

Number two can be a long term approach to stress free living.

This is how it works.

If you work and are paid by the hour then you are working for a wages. There is only a certain amount of time you have you can work each day and even if you are earning a massive hourly wage like a highly qualified lawyer – 250 plus an hour – you are still limited on your income. (In fact, the lawyer I know makes his real money on special bonuses not via his hourly wage.)

The second choice is to build a fortune by working on building your own business.

Now the second is not an easy solution because you may be working for yourself and earning less per hour than someone on minimum wages if you are not careful. You need to be smart about your time when you work on building your fortune.

The key is to do an action that once completed brings you in multiple amounts of income without you repeating the same initial action.

In essence, you receive a residual income as a result of your work.

Now this does not mean you have to write a book or record a song (if you can, go ahead). You also do not have to buy real estate and rent it out (even though that is an approach.) This could simply mean you create something simple that generates income more than once for the initial time investment.

Simple personal example

Three years ago I wrote an article that took me 3 days to write and research so let us call that 24 hours of total work. Then I posted the article and it has ranked high in Google ever since. Last time I checked I received commissions on that action 125 times this year alone. Not just an one time sale, 125 sales and almost daily more sales happen.

Now you do not have to write an article but look at what you can do and see if you know a way where you can use your talents to build a fortune rather than just working for wages.

If you are interested to learn how I created this article (a result I have since duplicated) you can contact me to be coached on how to do it. I take on a limited number of students but once you know what I know you can repeat the structure of the article with different content as much as you want.

The result: a low stress source of income.

Enjoy a wonderful day,