Why wonderful inspiring quotes do not work

If you have the habit of reading inspiring quotes and you find that they do little for you beyond giving you a lift of inspiration for just a few moments I suggest you may be experiencing the following syndrome I learned from one of my mentors.

It is called the ‘Nothing Syndrome‘ – and it states that the reason why wonderful inspiring quotes don’t work for many people is because they read the quote, think that’s nice and then read the next quote. They do nothing with the quote they just read. They don’t take the time to truly reflect on the content of the quote and how it could impact their life.

For example, read this quote by Jim Rohn

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom”

How do you feel after you read this? To me, I find this extremely powerful to reflect on because it reminds me to look at the challenges in my life not as problems but as opportunities for personal growth.

What does it mean to you? If you study the quote what it means to you enters into your way of thinking.

Here is another Jim Rohn

“Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living, profits can make you a fortune.”

How does this second quote impact your life?

This makes me constantly think about how I invest my time as I go about earning a living for my family. I have had too many years in the past deep in financial struggle to believe wages are enough. What do you think of what Mr Rohn says? Study what he is saying and how it can change your life.

Here is one final quote from Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, pioneer of personal development content.

“Winners habitually face the work of the day with the purpose of discovering what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done”

Please take these above quotes, reflect and take action based on how they impact your life. Then inspiring quotes will always work for you.

As Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden

“Make each day your masterpiece”

Have a wonderful day,


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