Why to Avoid Coffee in the Morning or How to Time Your Caffeine Boost Better

If you use Coffee to stimulate your mental performance you will want to read this.

Each of us has a circadian cycle with certain high and low points. The high points are when we are alert as a result of the high presence of the cortisol concentration in the blood, this is our natural high.

If you drink coffee for the caffeine benefit when your body is already at its natural high the stimulation of the caffeine is wasted according to this new neuroscience article.

Many people (perhaps you included) drink their first coffee with caffeine between 8 and 9 am in the morning and this is exactly when our cortisol levels are at their peak.

So since we are already at our natural height of alertness we do not need the caffeine and we can, in fact, end up with an increased tolerance to the effect of caffeine.

This means that is you drink caffeine between 8 and 9 am regularly you will require more caffeine to gives you a boost in the long term, like an extra shot of expresso in your regular coffee.

According to the research, a better approach is to drink your caffeine boost between 9.30 am and 11.30 am when your cortisol levels have begun to drop.

Worth noting: our cortisol levels peak again between noon and 1 pm and between 5.30 and 6.30 pm. So if you drink caffeine during these times you are not going to get the boost expected.

Okay, there you go, make some notes, put a stick up on your computer for the new coffee break times and test this out.

Then tell me what you think.

Best of Success and Wellness to you,