Why Positive Thinking About Ourselves is Not Enough

We  have read that ‘How we think about ourselves’ can cause an enormous amount of stress in our lives and ultimately damage our ability to succeed and be well. If our thoughts are focused on thinking that we are inadequate and insignificant (add more non-loving thoughts here) we can destroy the inner creative fire within us that can bring great joy to our world. Famous books like this one teach us how to enhance our ability to correct our way of thinking. This tiny book  is also excellent.

A friend introduced me to The Course and showed me a line that says “to accept only loving thoughts in others and to regard everything else as an appeal for help”.

The course says it is MISTAKE if we think that ONLY our thoughts about ourselves are important in our search for a peaceful and fulfilling life. How we perceive the thoughts of others is equally important. When we ‘see’ the thoughts of others as unloving and unkind we often move to defend ourselves or we move to attack others. In fact, if we simply perceive the loving words of others as real (and accept these thoughts) and all other thoughts (previously labeled as ‘unloving’) as calls for help or calls for understanding and love we open our hearts to finding more peace.

As we all believe at our center ‘all we need is Love ’ and loving thoughts is where our focus needs to be to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Maybe you will want to check out The Course