Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

Mini Motivational Cards

Mini Inspirational and Motivational Cards by David Hennessey

You most likely have read over and over again the idea that the power of words is incredible in its ability to change your world from negative to positive. The whole positive affirmation concept is based on this including the Mini Motivational Cards I designed shown in the image above.

Unfortunately, when you use an affirmation no matter how many times you use it the affirmation will not work without you using a secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient is not visualization even though visualization is important. The secret ingredient is the emotional content you use in the visualization.

If you create a positive emotional image in your mind while you are repeating a related positive affirmation your mind is more likely to embrace what you are saying and help you create what you want in your reality. Without the emotional link you are often doomed to failure.

I wish when I was younger I knew about this because it is a very important idea that is often left out of personal development literature.

Now, perhaps, you disagree but the importance of positive emotional imagery is not my idea.

These ideas come from the work of Dr. Emile Coué, Author of How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion which was written over half a century ago and from the work of José Silva, Author of The Silva Mind Control Method that began to be recognized in the 1970s.

Please note the titles of these books sometimes turn off people because they think the books are about controlling other people. In fact, both these books are about powering our own minds and not about controlling other people.

It is worth noting Emile Coué inspired the work of José Silva and Silva’s work I have read on his books has influenced positively over six million people to date in 111 countries.

All I can say is I have read both these gentleman’s work and I use it daily. I have recommended it to thousands of people at seminars so today I recommend you get copies of these books when you have time and, of course, if you have the interest.

Coué’s book How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion is not easy to come in its original version. I found a dusty old copy in an old library in Canada. Most versions for sale are photocopies of the original but that is good enough to read and worth seeking out.

Silva’s work is easier to find and the book The Silva Mind Control Method is the best starting point in my opinion.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. Coué’s work is rarely cited but I did find it noted in one recent best seller I read by Mark Victor Hansen called The One Minute Millionaire

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