Why just Sitting or Standing is Unproductive and Unhealthy

Do you sit all day? Do you stand all day? Did you know that prolonged sitting and prolonged standing can be damaging to your health and also to your productivity.

Follow this link to the results from a Cornell University study that may shock you with the impact of just standing or just sitting.

Here is a great info graphic from the team over at Funders and Founders that notes the CU study and shows us what happens in our body in a group of images.

Personally, when I have to do some heavy time at the computer I stand for 60 minutes then I change desks to sit for 30 minutes and during the minute change over do a bit of stretching. I would love to hear your comments in an email when you have time.

If you are looking to learn the pros and cons of standing desks you can go here.

If you don’t want to make a standing desk like I did you can read a review of ten here.