Why is organic food expensive?

Can I buy Organic Food Inexpensively?

Hello again, as promised since it is the official Nutrition Month in Canada and since I have a lot of Canadian readers I am continuing to post articles to support healthy eating habits. The first article was Food Buzzwords De-Mystified and today’s article goes to the heart of why delicious organic food costs more than conventional food. Read the following exert from the book How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively and share this article with friends who wonder why organic food costs more.


Limits on pesticide usage

Organic farmers use natural pesticides. For example, a farmer can release ladybugs onto some plants to help ‘eat up’ the aphids who want to eat the plants but the use of ladybugs and other insects does not help the farmer deal with weeds that try to strangle their crop. Instead the organic farmer must hand weed instead of spraying their crop with man made chemicals. This choice is clearly a more time consuming and labor intensive method of farming which creates more cost for the farmer – a cost he or she needs to pass on to the consumer. The good news is that the organic farmer’s lack of use of chemical pesticides helps protect the quality of our water supply.



Limits on land yield

Organic farmers use crop rotation to keep their soil healthy. Instead of planting the highest financial yield crop each year they rotate crops and plant ‘cover crops’ that are plowed into the ground to improve the soil’s nutrients for long term usage. This reduces the overall land yield for an organic farm and the lessened supply increases prices on the market but in the long term keeps the land’s ability to produce going. Organic farming is sustainable agriculture.



Cost of feed

Organic feed for cattle and other animals is more expensive than conventional feed because the feed itself must be third party certified organic or the animal can not be certified as raised organically.

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Can I buy organic food inexpensively?

If you want to buy organic food inexpensively please follow the link and if you read the write up you will find out how a family on social assistance could afford organic food.

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