Why eat Organic Food?

There are many articles on the internet about eating organic food that are stating repetitively that fresh organic food is no more nutritional than fresh conventionally grown food. Similar if not the same articles say fresh organic food does not taste any better than fresh conventional food. Do you agree with this? Can plants grown in nutrient dense soil (organic food) really taste the same or have the same nutritional impact on your body as plants grown in nutrient deficient soil that has had chemicals added to boost the presence of minerals?

Why do we eat organic food?

The main reason our family eats organic food is because it helps support the health of the planet. We have yet to see an article by people who are anti-Organic who say that conventional chemical farming is healthy for the planet. Conventional farming, in fact, we understand is helping to poison our water systems.

With today’s growing concerns about climate change and its impact on the land Organic farmers use crop rotation to keep the earth healthy.

Instead of planting the highest financial yield crop each year in the same field – a practice that can deplete a soil’s nutrients – the dedicated organic farmer typically rotates the crop grown in each field and they even plant ‘cover crops’ that are plowed into the ground to improve the soil’s nutrients for long term usage.

This process of crop rotation and plowing in ‘cover crops’ reduces the overall land yield for an organic farm and the lessened supply increases prices on the market but in the long term these practices keep the land’s ability to produce going to feed more people for many years to come.

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