Why does goal setting work?

You will hear from many personal and business development coaches you need to set goals. The question is why?

In my personal experience, when I set a goal for a personal or business goal my mind starts to focus on what is needed to achieve the goal. In essence, my perception of the world changes and I focus on what needs to be done to achieve this goal. This happens consciously and subconsciously.


If I was looking for a new business opportunity my focus is on the world looking at daily challenges to see what can be fixed as part of a new business. Once I have a new idea my focus is not on looking for new opportunities but on developing the solution. My goals are reflected in my daily focus. I may see an opportunity directly or intuitively.


If one of your goals is to find a new relationship your mind is focused on the people in the world around you much more than when you are in a happy relationship with someone, right? You may see someone who is of interest to you and also subconsciously you may attract someone. Your goal changes your perception.

The magic of goal setting is that it gives your mind focus and with that focus comes power. If you don’t believe me think about the last time when you though of buying a new car brand x and then you were surprised you were seeing brand x all over the place. Your goal has focused your mind.

If you want to experience goal setting made easily you can use the following tools.

To help you set goals you will want to read this article explaining how to use the SMART goal setting technique.

To help you focus on your goals daily request a set of the FREE goal setting cards.

Your friend on the journey,