Why Do What You Do

To make sure you are on track to a fulfilling and happy life you need to make sure you ask yourself the question why do what you do?

In my free workbook “19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Success and Well Being” I outline why it is very important you know your ‘definite purpose’ that your ‘definite purpose’ is in fact your ‘definite purpose’.

If you believe you want to be a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Writer, a Musician or (fill in the blank) make sure it is because you love this idea and that you are not just doing it because your Dad or Mum did it or because your friends believe it is right for you.

You can lose motivation really quickly as commitments and responsibilities arrive if you start to realize your ‘definite purpose’ is in fact someone else’s idea for you.

During your daily review time ask yourself Why Do What You Do today.

“The more we know our inner motivations and the more we follow them the greater the positive difference we can make in this world”- David

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