Why do I have this goal?

Why do I have this goal? photo by D. Hennessey

Do you review or write your goals down daily?

I am a great believer in rewriting my personal development and life goals on a daily basis to make sure I am clear on what I am doing. Before I reviewed and rewrote my goals daily many days would pass before I did anything that was moving me towards achieving my goals and dreams. Please note I am not rewriting a hundred goals each day. I simply focus on my top six goals at a time.

Today, when I was writing down my goals I added a question to myself ‘Why do I have this goal?’ I am not sure where in my mind the question came from but I know the power of questions are really important since I learned it many years ago from Tony Robbins  (See note at bottom of posting).

So after I wrote down each of my six goals today I wrote the question ‘Why do I have this goal?’ and I answered the question.

The power of this question is that it made me (and I am writing this article because it will hopefully help you) make sure the goals are really important to what you and I want to make of our lives.

To test the importance of the goal you can reflect on the goal as if it was achieved and consider how it will have truly changed your life for the better. Is it really connected to something meaningful in your life? For example, your goal might be to swim each day for 30 minutes to keep your body fit so you have the energy to play with your children (swimming equals fitness and energy to play with children). Your reflection will show you there is purpose in your goal.

In contrast, you might have a goal to earn enough money to buy a new car and on reflection you realize that the money you spend on a new car could be better spent on taking time off work and taking your family on a memorable vacation that you have not had for years. The car in fact was just because you wanted something new.

Today, I recommend you take the time to review your goals and see if they are truly inline with your purpose in life.

If you want some extra guidance on goal writing get yourself a free copy of my e-workbook 19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Success and Well Being since there is a section on goal setting.

You can also read this article on Smart Goal Setting and get yourself some free goal cards after reading this article.

Enjoy a wonderful day,