Why buy or use a standing desk or stand up desk? 8 reasons

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Standing desks or stand up desks have been used for centuries. Winston Churchil, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Jefferson used standing desks or stand up desks as they are sometimes called.

Here are ten great reasons for buying and using a standing desk

Have a stronger back
Thousands of people according to many medical studies have back problems due to poor posture – when your reduce your sitting time by using a stand up desk you can help strengthen your back when you use good posture. Check with your Doctor if you have any serious concerns about using a standing desk.

Create Better Posture
One of the problems of sitting in chairs is that we can end up sitting with very poor posture which eventually can lead to annoying lower back pain. When you use a stand up desk you help eliminate this issue assuming you use a stand up desk that matches your height. Check this review for adjustable stand up desks.

Reduce Feelings of Fatigue
If you have ever found that by sitting down your body and mind tend to move into slow motion and feelings of fatigue then start to arrive. Then investing in a standing desk can help eliminate this issue.

Increase Your Focus
Standing up at a standing desk can help you keep more alert as your body is in a more active state than sitting. You can increase your productivity by investing in a standing desk.

You have Choices
With a sitting desk you don’t really have the choice to sit or stand because if you stand by your desk in most cases you are going to strain your back. A standing desk gives you more options.

Standing Desks can be Moved
Standing desks can be portable so you can bring a standing desk to a meeting if necessary or move it away from the sun coming in the window or move it to the sun coming in the window or maybe even outside.

Standing Desks offer Great Storage
You can obtain lots of storage for materials under a standing or stand up desk so you have a clutter free work top.

You Feel Better about Yourself
When you use a standing or stand up desk during the work day you don’t feel like you have been inactive sitting all day. You were still using your muscles and nourishing the strength of your back muscles.

Videos: Not yet convinced about the value of a standing or stand up desk then follow this link to a review that contains TWO videos on the pros and cons of standing or stand up desks.

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