Who will you become?


Perhaps you are seeking more love, more recognition, more money in your life, however, the truth is when you get more of what you want who will you become?

You cannot become happier from external experiences. Long term no relationship, no awards, no money brings you peace of mind and long term fulfillment. (This is something I have learned).

You will have long term fulfillment with or without all the external trappings when you become who you want to be.

And who do you want to be?

The answer to that is (I hope) a person who accepts unconditionally who you are. That is it. You don’t feel you need to add anything to yourself to be any better.

Anything you do will not make you any less or any better. It will just be an expression of who you are.

Once you feel this sense of completeness. You are in ‘abundance mode’ as I like to call it. If you do not have all the external sources (like money, food….) you will need to brighten the world around you and make the difference you were created to make then these things will come to you somehow.

You may not know how they will arrive, however, they will and life is always good.

Your friend on the journey,