Who is the Dean of Personal Development?

I have been exposed to the works of the Dean of Personal Development for many years right now, the Dean of Personal Development is the title given to an American motivational speaker and author who was born in 1921, his name Earl Nightingale.

Still in his twenties Earl read a book published only 12 years earlier by Napoleon Hill, a book that changed his life called Think and Grow Rich. As the story goes from Earl’s own words, his life changed when he read the words ‘we are what we think about’.

Another favourite book of Earl’s was As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, another book that reminds us of the importance of how we use our minds.

Over time Earl’s readings inspired him to create his great audio recording called The Strangest Secret. Over one million copies of The Strangest Secret have been sold.

From my personal experience and from the experience of many wonderful people I know I highly recommend you study the words of Earl Nightingale, truly the dean of personal development and one of the most inspiring personal development teachers of our time.

Just listen to his voice here and you will be inspired and you will learn tools you can use throughout your life.