Who are our most important teachers?

Marianne Williamson wrote “It is easy to live with people who have never made us angry”.

Marianne says the people that make us angry are our most important teachers since they make us look at what we need to heal inside of us to nourish happiness.

If we get angry at people because of their behavior we are in fact judging them for something they have done. Our tendency to judge never brings happiness only pain.

Who are we to judge them? We don’t know why they did something that looks like an error to us. And if it is truly a lesson for the other person it is not for us to point it out. That is true, isn’t it? They will only learn the lesson when they see the error (if it exists at all).

I have learned it is better not to judge other people if I want to nourish happiness in my life. My judgment rarely makes the situation better, in fact, most likely, I remain angry and the other person gets angry too.

Two people on fire can rarely put out a fire.

If your are curious, these thoughts came to me while I was re-reading the book called A Return to Love

Your friend on the journey,