When Too Many Clients Can Hurt Your Business and Create Personal Stress A QUICK TEST

We all seek new clients on a regular basis. That is why we advertise, network and ask for referrals. But I would like to suggest that too many clients can in fact hurt your business.

I believe too many clients can hurt your business because it is not the quantity of clients we are all seeking but the quality or kind of clients. Sometimes I and perhaps you as well forget this.

Recently I have had a flood of new clients but only a few of these clients I can in fact help. This is because not all these clients who contact me are the types of clients I have the knowledge and ability to assist. For example, clients looking for commercial products. I know nothing about commercial development.

I recommend you keep top of mind two questions you review for each client you meet: the question is a kind of test of what you are looking for in a client. My questions are: do I want to work with this client? (do we have good rapport?) and can help them reach their goals? (am I qualified? do I know there area of interest?)

If the client does not pass this quick test. I quickly do my best to refer the client to someone who is better suited to work with and focus on their needs.

The bonus is that it is much less stressful to work with clients I have a good rapport with and I am confident I can serve their needs.

I welcome your feedback.