When is the best time to review your goals?

If you set goals like I do you may be wondering when is the best time to review your goals so you keep your focus. I have studied many of the great goal setting and goal achieving mentors including Brian Tracy and the answer to the question is in two stages.

The first Stage
Brian Tracy suggests you review your goals each day just after you get out of bed. In fact, he is the person who started recommending you write down your goals each day to burn them deeper into your conscious and subconscious mind.

The second Stage
I don’t recall who thought me the following but I highly recommend you review your day mentally before you go to bed. This you do so you can see if the actions you took during the day are inline with your goals. If you see that you did not take enough effective actions towards the achievement of your goals you can make a note on your MUST do list for the next day that will make you move towards achieving your goals.

Remember goals can be any result you desire: health, relationship, finance… whatever is important to you at this time. The most important thing is you set a goal and you make a plan to achieve it and follow this plan daily.

If you are interested in Free resources that can help you achieve you goals they are here (including Goal Reminder Cards).

I also recommend you check out this product by Brian Tracy. It is a life changer.