When and How to Prepare for Difficult Times to Avoid Anxiety

Life always presents us with difficult times personally and professionally. How we respond to the experience will be the key to our continued success and wellness or the creation of failure and illness.

I recently moved to a country that I did not speak the local language to support a family member in need. By arriving my family and I helped solve a crisis but I created one for myself. The fact that I could not hold a conversation in French or read a local paper had a hard impact on me. I could not get work locally. I wanted to run out of the country but instead I decided I needed to grow. I finally made a decision I could learn the language especially since the support of my family was at stake.

I believe the key to how you and I deal with challenging times are based in the principals and habits we have established before the event happens. In my case I consider myself resilient and always looking for a solution. I did not want to give up so I started listening to other people and speaking a few words in French to communicate and I built on this foundation. I eventually over a period of two years became capable of doing business in the French language. The path to the solution for me came from a life time belief that I place on the willingness to learn new ideas.

If we do not have certain values and principals in place (like a willingness to learn) before a challenge arrives we may make a decision in difficult times we will regret.

Here are some guidelines I use and I hope they assist you:

Be Prepared
Practice daily the principle habits that are important to you. Be honest, be willing to make new decisions, be flexible and be grounded in principles that support your life. If honesty is important to you, in a crisis you will remain honest.

Educate Yourself
Part of being prepared to manage challenges in your personal or professional life is educating yourself on a daily basis. Begin or end each day with a short piece of reading that can help you in your daily life. If you have the habit of reading an inspiring spiritually uplifting book on a daily basis when times are good then you will continue the habit when times are difficult. Your reading habit will help you stay on track to find once again success and keep well.

Listen to Others
Take the time to learn from people who have dealt with challenging experiences. Sometimes we listen way to much to people talking about their challenges and not enough time to people who have found solutions to challenges. When a friend or business partner comes to you and says ‘you won’t believe how I solved this problem’ embrace the moment and listen. Maybe you do not need what they know right now but it is a new item in your tool box that you can use or pass on to someone when needed.

Share Your Ability
Sometimes challenges arrive in our personal or professional life because people around us do not have the tools to manage a situation you have already solved. If you have a close friend in crisis it can impact you because you do not want them to suffer. If you went through the same crisis they are going through you have tools to help. But during their crisis is not the ideal time for them to learn. The best time is to make sure that when you solve a big issue in your life, share humbly how you made the successful change with those around you so they can benefit from what you know. Then they are more prepared for challenges.
One of the goals of this website is for me to write down what I have learned so my children can learn from my mistakes or experiences before making the mistakes. I do want them to learn on their own as well but sometimes a parent wants to help their child avoid the heart ache, I am sure you understand. 

Plan Ahead
Make sure you are ready for different types of challenges in your life.
* Eat well on a daily basis to nourish your physical and mental well being. This will help you avoid ‘instant’ sickness when times are stressful.
* Read books that nourish your life daily. Here is a selection of my favourites currently on my book shelf.
* Take time to nourish relationships when everything is good. Meet or phone at least one good friend each week. Take the time to have one on one time with you the lady or man in your life. Spend time with your children daily.

I hope these ideas are of help to you and I welcome your ideas.