What we can learn from sherpas

In 1999, I had the honor to spend a month in Northern Pakistan in the Himalaya Range close to the border with China. The furthest north we were was Pasu. I traveled with my lady and we explored the region together as back packers. We reached over 4,000 meters in elevation. Words cannot describe the experience.  Here is a picture of yours truly by the Hunza River. 

It was a beautiful and intense trip and since we carried all our equipment we were independent. The downside, if any, I guess was that my back pack (which is like this one ) weighted always around 20 kilograms on both trips.

But 20 kilos is nothing compared to the Sherpas, the people who live in the most mountainous region of Nepal.

Two nights ago I watched a new German documentary titled Sherpas – Die wahren Helden am Everest” (Sherpas – the true heroes on Everest). I listened in French to hear how some of the Sherpas carried up to 40 kilograms in their packs including oxygen tanks. With my keen interest in human potential I did a little research to see what makes the Sherpas so incredibly good at what they do and below is some of the information I discovered:


The Sherpas are believed to have lungs that are very sensitive to oxygen so they can get oxygen from air that the average person’s lungs would have difficulty finding.


The Sherpas are believed to have blood that stores oxygen better than low altitude living people like me giving them an advantage to living and working at high altitude.


The Sherpas are very focused when they get on the mountain which helps them succeed and they also succeed because they have the desire to help their climbing partner succeed.


The simple act of focusing on helping others I believe is a key points if you want to be successful in this world no matter what you want to do. So you and I may not have the body of a Sherpa but we can both use there mental attitude they have to be more successful in our personal and professional lives.

To learn more about sherpas read this.

Your friend on the journey,