What type of learner are you?

You know it is easier to learn when we know better how we learn.

Perhaps, you learned the 3 types of learning I did at school. If not, here they are. See how you fit in to the types, but remember we all tend to have characteristics of each area with a naturally leaning towards one.


Visual Learner or seeing learner
Do you pick up an idea easier when you see someone do it first?
Do you feel better about your health when you see the changes in yourself in front of the mirror?
Then maybe you are a visual learner.


Kinesthetic Learner or feeling doing learner
Do you catch on how to do an activity when you perform it instead of just watching it being done?
Do you feel successful when your body gets a boost of energy after an action?
Then maybe you are a kinesthetic learner.


Auditory or hearing learner
Do you learn better when you hear a detailed explanation before you do a new activity?
Do you tend to feel good when you hear compliments from people more than when you receive a hug from someone?
Then maybe you are a auditory learner.

Take a moment, think about when you learned something recently, a new language, a musical instrument, what approach worked for you? When your recognize the approach you will know more about yourself and how you like to learn.

This self knowledge will make it easier for you to be successful in fulfilling the actions you start and to feel less stressed, more well during the process.

Not sure if you will like this book on learning but check it out