What to do when you are wrong

No one is perfect so what do you do when you are wrong. I have learned over the years from many teachers that simple and direct is often the best.

One teacher of mine is Brian Tracy. Brian is an extremely successful business owner, personal development trainer and family man. His work has covered 30 years.

I just received an email from Brian all about Breaking Away from Old Ideas. In this article he offered the following simple and direct advice:

Admit It When You Are Wrong

This is such great advice as too many times in the past I may have been unable to say I made a mistake. Now if I make a mistake I admit it and get on with doing my best.

Be Flexible With New Information

Brian advice here is an extension of being willing to admit when you are wrong because we often find out we are wrong when new information arrives. We all need to be willing to accept new information and to be willing to change our opinion based on it instead of being stuck attached to an old idea that no longer serves you and those around you. Again, this is excellent advice.

Why not check out more of Brian’s work and what people say. Here is a sample of Brian Tracy’s work .

All the best to you,