What phone does Daniel Craig as James Bond use in Skyfall?

If you are a James Bond fan you may wish to have a smart phone just like James Bond and it is possible. In the latest Bond movie Skyfall Daniel Craig as Bond uses a phone made by Sony called the SONY XPERIA T . (See the image above)

I personally am curious about this so called Bond phone not because one of my best friends is a bond fan and not because another one of my friends got as a gift The Complete 22 Film Collection of James Bond Movies but because the camera in this Sony Xperia T is said to be excellent.

I have read lots about the power of smart phone camera’s and I am still using a digital point and shoot camera and a separate portable phone. But maybe it is time for me to switch to a smart phone that can take the pictures I need for work and give me the chance to communicate with client’s with the elegance of a James Bond phone. More compact, less stress just how I like it.

Let the investigative mission begin. Curious then follow this link to details on the phone.

All the best,