What one action can reduce irritability, anxiety and depression?


Reducing stress, increasing health and happiness: Science is showing us more and more that human contact in the form of simple touch is very important to our emotional wellness.

In fact, if we lack touch we can become irritable, aggressive, anxious and depressed, all for the want of some human contact and he is a solution:

Consider the next time you meet someone if it is appropriate to offer to give them a hug and when possible ask others for a hug too. You could change the world for the better.

I have created another fun acronym to share how I perceive a HUG


A hug share and creates Happiness (H)

A hug shares Universal love (U)

A hug shows Gratitude for people we know (G)

Go on give someone a hug and enjoy a wonderful day,

P.S. Want to learn more? Here is an article on the important of touch from the Berkeley Science Review