What is your obsession?

By chance today I just stumbled on a blog posting over at Randy Gage’s blog titled ‘What are you obsessing about?’ and the title struck a note with me. I believe it is a healthy and wise practice for me and for you to take note of our lives and see what is it we obsess about.

Why? Many times the parts of our lives we do not want are the ones we obsess about (financial debt, bad relationships, undesirable work…) and by our focus in our thoughts on these negative things we tend to nourish their existence.

The key I believe, and what Randy Gage is reminding his readers about, is to obsess about things that support our lives in being low stress and filled with passion and joy. We need to guard our minds, as I have often said, and keep out of our thoughts negative destructive ideas.

Think about it today what are the things you obsess about and do they nourish or damage your joy for life?

Your friend on the journey,