What is the Plastiki?

the plastic bottle boat

A boat made of recycled plastic bottles - copyright 2010,Adventure Ecology

The Plastiki is a boat make of recycled plastic bottles, and yes, you can see the bottles in the images of the boat (see above). The sustainably powered boat is on an adventure across the world to bring awareness to the fact that much of the marine waste in our world is non-recycled plastics and that we need to stop creating waste like we do on our planet.

Why do I mention this here on a personal development blog? Personally, one of my personal development goals is to help as many people as I can make a BIG difference in our world and in the process leave as SMALL an impact on the planet as I can as I work. I encourage you to make walking lightly on the planet a part of your personal development too.

On my side, this is why I currently sell only e-books. This is why one of my e-books is on buying organic food inexpensively since growing organic is gentler on our planet’s water systems.

This is why I wrote two reviews on stainless steel water bottles (one for childrens bottles and one for adult bottles) to encourage people to use longer lasting stainless steel water bottles rather than plastic bottles.

I encourage you to make choices in your personal development that are inline with the health and well being of our planet.

If you are curious you can read more about The Plastiki and its adventures on high seas by following this link to The Plastiki website

Enjoy a wonderful day,