What is the Most Effective use of my time?

the power of questions

How do I improve my health?

How can I find peace of mind?

How do I simplify healthy eating habits?

How do I become debt free?

All of these and more are great questions and questions I believe are one of the most powerful ways of changing our lives for the better.

Questions help us find out where we are in our lives and what we need to do each day to get to the place we want to be or to remain in the state we are in.

Each day I ask myself the question which is the title of this article.

What is the most effective use of my time?

Then I take steps to live the most fulfilling day I can.

Do you use the power of questions?


P.S. The first time I ever learned about the power of asking ourselves particular questions was when I read the works of Tony Robbins. His work might be of interest to you. Learn about Tony Robbins

2 comments to What is the Most Effective use of my time?

  • Hi David,
    I am a big fan of Tony Robbins. I bought his Personal Power 2 audio program back in 1997.

    I remember him saying quality questions get you quality answers.

    • David Hennessey

      Hello Justin,
      I am delighted to hear you are familiar with Tony Robbin’s work.

      Just like you I have listened to and read lots of his work.

      He is still a great pioneer in the personal development industry.

      He was a coach before the word coach was created!