What is the Best Way to Stop a Habit?


Have you every wanted to stop an old habit? I definitely have and it used to take me a long time until I found out that if I want to remove a habit from my life I must replace it with an equally valued but more desirable habit.

There I used to be trying to delete the old habit and leave a vacuum. Now I know I must put something in its place, a more desirable habit. This is a simple and valuable truth.

For example, people who are trying to give up smoking often are said to crave the deep breathing sensation they experience while smoking. Apparently, smokers who take up breathing exercises that are involved in programs like Yoga succeed better when trying to quit the habit since they find another way to get the deep breathing experience they desire without the negative physical side effects.  Good to know.

When I recently re read The Art of Happiness. I came across on page 219 important information on how to bring about change in ours lives and here, in my words, is what is said.

“To change you must

Learn what is wrong

Have conviction to change

Determination to change

Take action

Continue Action”

There are lots of good ideas in this book that makes it a refreshing read. I do recommend you check out The Art of Happiness.

Enjoy a wonderful day,