What is right?

Bow Lake - photo by D. Hennessey

Many times you may have seen a person in your life that looks sorrowful and you may be inclined to ask “What is wrong?”. It is a thoughtful question but unfortunately I have come to realize it gets the person to focus on their sorrow which rarely helps.

Instead, I have started to ask the question ‘What is right?” when I encounter someone who appears sad to have them change their focus from negative experiences to positive ones.

Too many times in my past experiences when I have felt sad I focused on sad experiences and the only way to disengage from these negative thought patterns is to find a positive experiences to focus on. Perhaps, you are like me in the fact that you appreciate more your health when you feel sick.

Today, more and more I give thanks for all I have even if the day I am experiencing did not go as planned. Since now I believe only if I focus on happiness can I attract happiness.

If you are interested one technique I use regularly to help shift from a sad to a happy mood is to read for just a few minutes one of my favorite books on wisdom and spirituality. I offer you a selection of these books via the books tab on this site Check them out you might find a new favorite.

Your friend on the journey,