What is Emotional Eating and How to avoid it

Children, teens and parents all experience a desire for foods. But sometimes the desire for food is not real hunger.

This is because there are essentially two types of hunger.


The first is physiological hunger.

This is when you can hear your stomach rumbling and growling for food. The urge is from inside the body. There is no outside stimulation causing hunger.



The second is emotional hunger.

This is when you do not feel an empty feeling in the stomach or a low level of energy. You simply feel hungry once you have seen, smelt or tasted a delicious food or perhaps heard a sound related to a food you like.

Emotional hunger is something we also experience when we choose to deal with stress by eating.

Emotional hunger is not true hunger.

If you are eating more by emotional hunger than physiological hunger you will tend to eat more than your body needs. This can create unhealthy eating habits that could lead you to becoming overweight.

Being overweight is no fun, especially for children. The overweight child can suffer a lot of mental torture from other children. Besides the mental torture, research indicates that the overweight child is more likely to be overweight as an adult and therefore suffer related health problems.

Here are a three tips to help people avoid emotional eating:


When you feel hungry and you are not sure if it is physiological hunger, separate yourself from the presence of food and occupy yourself for about twenty minutes. If hunger returns and you can feel it in your tummy, you can choose to satisfy your need.


Between meal times hide the snack food out of view. Leave the telephone on the counter instead of the cookie jar, so if someone is feeling a little lonely they can reach out to a friend instead of food;


During meal times take the extra pots of food off the table so extra servings require movement to get it. If no one is willing to get up to get the food, how hungry can they truly be?

I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist so these are simply some healthy eating tips. Seek professional advice and check out valuable information in books like Oprah’s recommended Dr. Oz’s book YOU: The Owner’s Manual, Updated and Expanded Edition: An Insider’s Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger

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