What is a key to Succeeding in Life?

I just read an article by Denis Waitley and it struck home.

Denis reminds me (and you) that if you want to succeed in life you must believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself and your dreams you are willing to take steps to succeed.

Healthy self esteem is crucial to believing in yourself not only to succeed in your personal and business life but also to be healthy and live well, a poor self esteem can lead to terrible health consequences just ask your Doctor.

I wrote a recent article to help parents inspire their children and all of us adults need to inspire ourselves. Many people around us are too busy in their own lives to inspire us. You need to nourish yourself daily with self talk that tells you ‘I like myself and I can make a real difference’.

Once you have a strong self esteem you will make a difference

To get a strong self esteem and keep it read pieces from books like the following daily, I keep them by my bed.

As a Man Thinketh

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Learn more about the work of Denis Waitley by clicking here

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