What are you SOFT assets?

the power of questions

As we move through our lives we often calculate how we are doing by the presence of our HARD assets like owning a home, owning a car, money in the bank. However, SOFT assets are the most valuable assets we have.

I was reminded of the value of Soft assets by Reid Hoffman one of the founders of LinkedIn.

Soft assets refer, for example, to the networks of people we know. They are what give us a competitive advantage in life, access to valuable insight that no car, home or money in the bank can. Sure you can pay people for advise you don’t have but you don’t own that asset they can always refuse to accept your request.

Soft assets also include the skills you have like the ability to speak multiple languages (learn more via duolingo), your ability to communicate (you may be a great thinker but without the skill of communication your ideas will be lost). I am sure you can add more types of Soft assets.

Instead of stockpiling Hard assets we need to nourish our Soft assets.

People with lots of Soft assets can hit disaster in many areas of their lives but because they have Soft assets they can return to success again.

You can learn more about the concept of soft assets in part of this 80 minute video .

I also recommend you check out the book co-authored by Reid Hoffman The Start-up of You