Wear Your Motivational Message to Support your Dreams

Chrystal Shaw

Inspiring Resolution Ring by Chrystal Shaw

As you may know I am all for nourishing our minds with positive healthy messages.

One friend of mine Chrystal had a wonderful idea and it is to create rings that hold a secret motivational message inside. So she went ahead and started making the custom rings as part of her hand made jewellery business and people are buying them.

This is one of the rings in the image above.

I recommend you stop by Chrystal’s site located at www.boutonrougedesigns.com and see what else she is up too.

The link to the above ring with more images of how it looks is located here

http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39322315 .

You can connect with her and she will design a ring to match your needs.

I like this idea, what do you think?

Best Wishes,


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2 comments to Wear Your Motivational Message to Support your Dreams

  • Hi David,
    Thanks for the support! As you have said in your blog, positive words are a powerful force. These rings are almost like your mini goal setting cards for your finger. http://thewondertechnique.com/free-mini-goal-setting-cards/

    The set you see above is my set. I use them all together and sometimes I mix them with plain bands and wear only one. For example, if it is a day that I need to get a number of things done I choose the F – FOCUS ring as the centre ring.

    I am happy to hear more ideas on how you can use these rings. You can email me at chrystal@boutonrougedesigns.com


    • David Hennessey

      Hi Chrystal,
      I am delighted to promote your handmade work. What you do is truly an example of making a beautiful thought into reality.