We do not attract what we want but what we are. James Allen

Do you believe what you are impacts how people respond to you?

This morning during my personal study time I read a passage again in my worn copy of ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen. Published in 1902.

This passage on page 13 in my copy is one of the most powerful passages in any book I have ever read.

In Mr Allen’s words “We do not attract that which we want but that which we are” 

This phrase for many, myself included, leads to instant introspection and questioning as to what we are thinking in our minds that can be blocking us from what we want to experience in our lives.

I wholeheartedly recommend you buy a paper copy of James Allen’s book, read it, takes notes in the sides of the pages and never give it away. Get an audio copy as well and listen when you commute or run. It is perhaps the best personal development book of all time.

Below is the full paragraph from page 13 of As a Man Thinketh

“We do not attract that which we want but that which we are. Our whims, fancies, and ambitions are thwarted at every step, but our inmost thoughts and desires are fed with our own food, be it foul, or clean. The ‘divinity that shapes our ends’ is in ourselves; it is our very self. We are manacled only by ourselves: thought and action are the jailers of Fate – they imprison, being base; they are also the angels of Freedom – they liberate, being noble. Not what we wish and pray for do we get but what we justly earn. Our wishes and prayers are gratified and answered only when they harmonize with our thoughts and actions”

Thank you James Allen yes, that is a link so you can invest in a copy!