Walking Meditation and Other Forms of Meditation and Mindfulness

walking meditation

Sitting Meditation is documented more and more for the health benefits including stress reduction, lowering the risk of blood pressure and much more but what if you don’t want to sit still?

The good news is that for many centuries people who don’t always want to sit still have practiced moving meditation with similar health and wellness benefits. For example, buddist monks practice what is called walking mindfulness which is simply walking quietly without music or conversation and listening to the world around you.

In walking mindfulness (as described in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Peace Is Every Step) you just focus on the movement of your breathing perhaps using the technique I describe in the article stress destroying breathe. Remember you don’t have to be of any particular spiritual or religious belief you can still practice walking meditation in town or better yet in Nature.

I believe I move into some form of moving meditation in my mind when I hike alone as I find myself very much at peace but also very aware of my surroundings (which helps so I don’t get lost!)

Don’t like walking? Consider creating your own version of moving meditation by finding the right peaceful rhythm for you in activities like running, cycling, swimming, yoga or whatever activity helps you focus your mind on peace and love.

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