Video: This is your Brain on a Lack of Sleep

An excellent way to make our life unhappy and difficult is to not sleep enough. In fact, a lack of sleep really impacts the functions of our brain so everything we do we do worse. Our creativity is hurt, our emotions become unstable and our craving for foods get mixed up.

But don’t listen to me, instead watch a video with Dr. Daniel Amen that I discovered on the Success Magazine website.

Dr. Amen’s clinic has a database of over 60,000 brain images showing what a healthy and unhealthy brain is like. His video ‘this is your brain on a lack of sleep’ shows incredible images of what the brain is like when we have faulty habits including actions like sleeping to little. He also shows images of the brain impacted by other poor lifestyle habits. In addition, he gives great advice on how to help your brain function better.

Follow this link to Dr Amen’s healthy brain video now.

Then check out Dr. Amen’s book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age.

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