Video: David Copperfield the Magician, the Entrepreneur and his 3 Ps

I just listened to an interview with David Copperfield by Kevin Rose.

David Copperfield is famous for being, according to Forbes, the most commercially successful magician in history. According to Wikipedia, his career of over 30 years has earned him 11 Guinness World Records and he has so far sold 40 million tickets and grossed over $4 billion, which is more than any other solo entertainer in history.

But what I learned from this interview is the down to earth nature of David Copperfield who since he was a young boy loves to tell stories. To this day he likes to enchant his audiences with his magical illusions wrapped carefully with intriguing tales. In the interview you get to hear some of his stories without illusions!

Behind the scenes there is no illusion that Copperfield is dedicated to his art. He has 3 Ps that he keeps in mind to guide him in his work and he believe they are invaluable as guidance for any career: Passion, Preparation and Persistence.

Enjoy the video below courtesy of Kevin Rose and Foundation