Video Audio: Gary White on How to Solve the Worlds Water Crisis

At The WONDER Technique we are very passionate about the power of water and its ability to reduce stress in the body and maximize our ability to think clearly. You may have noticed the reviews we posted about the best way to carry your precious water around.

Now imagine if you had to search for hours each day to find drinking water and the water you would find is dirty and lies in ditches and ponds. And that is all you have to drink.

Did you know a child dies every 21 seconds from a water born disease?

In our world billions of people don’t have access to clean water and the good news is that Gary White the founder of has created a solution.

Gary is enabling people without fresh water and sanitation to use microfinance to solve the water crisis.

Gary has as part of his team renowned actor Matt Damon (on Amazon) and to date they have helped 600,000 people get clean water to their homes.

Scroll down and listen to this interview of Gary White by Darren Hardy publisher of Success Magazine on Amazon.

It is truly inspiring.

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