VIA the Golden Path to Every Success

How to achieve your goals

I was flipping through the pages of an eight year old book I have on personal development that is called The One Minute Millionaire and I found something in the book that I disagree with. It is not that the book is focused on only making money since it is not just about making money. It is about personal growth and being the best person you can be. What I disagree with is what the authors said are the only two things you need to be successful.

The authors mention in the first few pages of the book that to achieve your goals you need simply two things: Desire and The Willingness to Act. The authors are very successful writers and millionaires in their own right and yet I disagree with their statement.

I believe that the golden path to every success is not just Desire and The Willingness to Act. It is instead V.I.A. V.I.A. is an acronym I created to help me teach the idea I am about to share with you today.

Every one has a desire to succeed but the desire can sometimes fail to get them out of bed in the morning. Desire is filled with passion. Desire can be the longing for someone or some experience but it comes and goes often without result. Maybe you disagree with me but please bear with me for a moment.

I suggest to succeed you use V.I.A. not just Desire and The Willingness to Act. V.I.A. is an acronym for Visualization, Imagination and Action and I will explain how it works.

Both you and I can have a Desire to achieve a goal but we need to move beyond desire to using the power of Visualization. You and I need to visualize how are lives are going to be when we achieve this goal. If you can visualize yourself achieving the goal of running a marathon, for example, you crossing the finish line (still breathing in harmony with your movement) you have a much greater chance of succeeding than a person who can’t see in their mind’s eye ever completing the distance.

Then once you can Visualize yourself crossing the finish line you need to Imagine how you are going to get to this end result. You must have more than a The Willingness to Act you must have a plan of action that will take you where you want to go.

One excellent way to achieve a goal is to mark the achievement of the goal in your mind visually and then move back mentally from the point of success in the future to the present moment in time to learn what you need to do to get there. This is sometimes called Reverse Engineering.

Once you have reverse engineered your path from the future to the present you then need to break down your forward motion into small steps to make moving forward less stressful. Personally, I have a friend who wants to do a triathlon and he has made remarkable progress since he has broken down his pathway to success via step by step planning. Myself, I have found out I can cycle up steep hills (something I have never done before but I need to do this to get home sometimes). I have achieved this goal by breaking the climb into sections of rest and cycling. Now I can do it non stop.

Once you have your Visualization strong and you have Imagination creating your steps you are only going to reach your goal if you take Action. You must ACT not just be willing to act. Some people said the biggest failure of the movie The Secret was that it not advise the viewer of the importance of taking action once they had Visualized their goals. As you know it is the action that will move you from being a dreamer to being a success in reality in every thing you do. Do I have you convinced? Intrigued? May be you will just want to buy a copy of The One Minute Millionaire to see if I misread what the authors said or maybe you will want to apply what I have shared. As always, your choice.

Note one: Perhaps you have already seen the play on meaning I used when I made up the acronym VIA? VIA is an old word from the 18th century to describe a way to a place. In this case it is a way to your success. Today, remember the VIA can be the golden path to your success.

Note two: The acronym VIA is a copyright idea so please use it personally but not commercially in your work helping others without written consent from myself.

Your friend on the journey,