Very Simple Ways to Get Relaxed

Taking quiet time can really help reduce stress in my life and hopefully in your life too.

But what is quiet time to you?

For you does it involve meditation or is it simply spending time at home with all the phones set to collect messages and all the radios, ipods, TVs… all quiet?

Whatever it is getting really quiet is often a difficult task for many of us since life today has the switch set to ‘busy’ and ‘keep going’ most of the time.

Tonight, after what was for me a stressful day since half my family are dealing with difficult colds and I am doing my very best to support them (having personally moved past a cold as well) I sat down and took some quiet time. Perhaps you know of the following techniques to get quiet and relaxed they may be of interest to you.


*  I sat down in the dark and just focused on my breath coming in and out of my mouth for a while. It felt refreshing like cool wind blowing into my mouth!

I intended for it to be only ten minutes and when I looked at my watch it was already 15. However, I was feeling refreshed so I decided to continue with another exercise.


* I put my hand on my chest over my heart and felt the vibration of my heart. I have always found this a wonderful way to get more inwardly focused and quiet since I have a slow resting heartbeat I must keep still to feel my heart and this really gets me to be quiet.

After taking this total of 25 minutes I was excited to write this note to you.

I hope these suggestions of ‘slow breathing’ and ‘heart beat sensing’ will be of value to you in stressful times.

I also recommend again and again the wonderful book called Peace Is Every Step.

Your friend on the journey,