Vacation Risk or Investment

Do you think taking a vacation from work is a risk or an investment?

In the past, I worked too much. Yes, I admit it I worked too much. I used to consider taking time out to be a non productive experience.

How much was too much? 70, 80, 90 hours per week…sounds like you?

Well, this was me when I was single.

Now as a Dad this did not change so much UNTIL I realized that taking a vacation is not a risk but in fact an investment.

Yes, my family need me to generate income but they also want me to be part of their lives and so do I.

So I had a choice operation.

Not a physical operation but a mental one where I decided that not taking ‘the risk’ of going on vacation was a bigger risk than taking time off and being with family and friends because my friends and family are priceless.

Yes, I had to learn how to let go and delegate my work and be better organized but the result is worth it.

The result: I have invested my time out of work and grown my relationships with family and friends. In addition, often when not at work I have some excellent business growing ideas, a bonus.

For you is a vacation a risk or an investment?

Take five minutes to think about this today and maybe change your path.

Your friend on the journey,