Use Failure to Build Success

One test you can make to see if you will be successful in any part of your life is by recognizing your willingness to fail.

If you are unwilling to fail you prevent yourself from taking new steps that can help you grow as a person.

If you are unwilling to fail you will never make a good parent because parents make mistakes and learn better ways to be successful parents when they make mistakes.

If you are unwilling to fail you need to avoid being a business owner because all successful business owners have failures that taught them how to succeed.

“Embrace any failure as a stepping stone to success” my Dad always said. 

Successful people see failure as a way of learning the path to success.

Did you know Thomas Edison failed 10000 times in trying to make the incandescent light bulb before he succeeded?

Embrace failure by learning from it and you will succeed!

Your friend on the journey,