US Canteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

and the Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review Update.

As a great believer in the importance of drinking water because of its positive impact on mental and physical fitness I have written several articles like this one on the ten important reasons to drink water.

Personally, to keep hydrated I carry a stainless steel water bottle and I even put together a stainless steel water bottle review to help people match their needs. The water bottle review is here.

After I wrote this review I have read about many more stainless steel water bottles entering the market but the information is scattered all over the internet. So I am in the process of creating an up to date concise review which will be a great help if you are planning on making a purchase.

As a sampler of what is to come I will gather some details on a new water bottle one of my friends says she believes is the most stylish stainless steel water bottle on the market. I am not jumping out to buy it since my own stainless bottle gets bumped around a bit when I am hiking and this stylish item would get damaged. But I have to say since it shows some class it might get more people I know carrying a water bottle since they don’t like the look of many of the current bottles on the market.

Enough said. Check out Amazon they often offer some pricing deals if you look around their site. Click on the following link US canteen Brushed Stainless Steel Double-Walled Canteen or the image below for up to date details.

Note: If you follow one of this posting’s links to the Amazon site for current pricing and you decide to buy an item you do NOT pay anymore than if you went directly to the Amazon site and I do receive a few cents for my time to research and write this.

News Update: The New Stainless Steel Water bottle Review covering TWELVE brands is via this link check it out

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