Two Ps for Healthy Eating

Hello again,

To reduce stress and increase your resilience and energy daily it is now a well known fact that we need to eat healthy. But whose opinion do you trust? I went to the popular search engine ‘Google’ and keyed in the words ‘Healthy Eating Opinions’. The result right now is over one million opinions! I know this is by no means perfect research on how many opinions are available but go along with me on this for a minute – imagine there are over one million opinions on what is healthy eating on ‘Google’ alone. In fact, you and I both know there are probably as many opinions of what healthy eating is as there are people on the planet who want to voice their opinion.

Personally, I have developed my opinion from reading countless numbers of scientific journal articles from sources like The Lancet. I went to journals like The Lancet because I found references in books on dieting and healthy eating and I wanted to check the source.

Indeed, when I have read healthy eating books and books on foods I am always curious as to the accuracy of what is being said. You may have read some of the many books I have read which has included The South Beach DietDr. Atkin’s Diet RevolutionFit for LifeBeyond the 120 Year DietThe Food ConnectionThe Power of Superfoods, Eat Right 4 Your Type… (Amazon links) and the list goes on and on. And as you know the list of new books grows each day. Now I don’t necessarily agree with any of the opinions in these books but they all make for interesting reading.

Now to the Two Ps of Healthy Eating as promised in the title of this article

This is a quick and simple suggestion that I have read about in many, many books and it simply makes sense to follow it to help provide you with healthy eating options at the end of each day.


Plan the foods you are going to eat in the week ahead by making a list and use this to make your grocery list – always make sure you make your list before you go to the store. Psst! never shop on an empty stomach.


Prepare foods in bulk in advance whenever possible for the week ahead or even the day ahead. For example, a big pot of soup can be made and refrigerated or even frozen to give you easy access to a high amount of nourishing vegetables at each evening meal. Note: another way to have extra food prepared and not have to simply spend time cooking every day is to double cook what you are preparing for a present meal (like for example, rice) and store it in the fridge to save you time the next evening.

Simple ideas, you bet and if you like the idea of simple healthy eating tips you may be interested in an inexpensive eBook I am putting together that that includes meal planning tips, how to know if you are eating a balanced meal in five seconds or less and how to make shopping for healthy foods fun for all the family. This book is not a diet book but a guide book on how to make it easier for you to apply healthy eating habits. Subscribe on one of the forms on this page and you will get notified when the ebook ‘Simplify Healthy Eating Habits’ is launched!

In closing, I do recommend if you are interested in healthy eating to get a copy of Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Amazon link) since it is one of the resources you will find in many health food stores used by the health food store staff. It is one of the books I used after going to nutritional courses to help me remember what minerals and vitamins are in which foods. Its current edition is over 800 pages and still inexpensive.

I also recommend you get a copy of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (Amazon link) Of course, it is not a book on food but an invaluable book on water that helps you understand the importance of water and how it relates to living a healthy, successful, low stress life.

Your friend on the journey, David