Twelve Tips on How to Create a Successful and Comfortable Work Space

If you love to write to develop and share information and if you do this like me while sitting at a desk for a long time some days, you know when the creating juices are flowing then you may start to experience aches and pains as a direct result of your workspace set up. Good news these pains and aches can be avoided. You can sit at a desk for a long time and be successfully productive and not in pain but it may require you to readjust your work area.

Consider the following tips that can help you create a successful and comfortable work space.


Best Phone Position

If you consult or you speak with colleagues while you are designing a product or if you simply like to have your hands free when you are on the phone you need a headset like this one. So that you avoid holding the phone between your ear and neck which can create a lot of pain over time. You may need to test out a few headsets to find one that is comfortable and not annoying but it is worth your while.



Best Monitor Location

Tired eyes work against your creativity and clarity so place your monitor directly in front of your face about arm’s length away. You should be looking at just below the top of the screen when you look straight ahead. Eliminate glare on the screen by position lights appropriately and even shutting window shades if needed. Remember large computer screens like this one helps reduce eye fatigue. small screens can cause fatigue. If you use two screens make one your primary and apply these guidelines to your primary screen.



Best Posture

Sit up straight with ninety degrees between your legs and your back. Most chairs don’t give you great support so you will need to rely on your stomach muscles to support yourself. Keep your thighs horizontal with your knees about the same level as your hips. Keep your forearms level approximately 90 degrees between your lower and upper arms. You may wish to consider using an Exercise Ball to improve your seating comfort. If you get an exercise ball one of these will stop the ball rolling all over the place. Now take a moment and check out this balance ball chair.



Best Wrist Position

When you type make sure your wrists are in a natural position as they extend from your arms. Avoid placing them in a bent up or down or side ways position. Consider an ergonomic key board like this and remember to use a wrist rest to reduce stress on your wrists. Note when you are typing hold your wrists and hands straight don’t rest your wrists on the wrist rest while typing this can put an unnecessary bend in your wrists. When not typing place your heels or palms of your hands on the wrist rest.



Best Mouse Position

Place the mouse within easy reach for frequent use and keep your wrist in a natural position when you are using the mouse. Also keep tools you may use a lot like a stapler or pen and paper within easy reach.



Best Foot Position

If you chair puts your feet in a position where you cannot touch the floor use a foot rest to give comfort to your feet and avoid strain on different parts of your legs. You don’t have to buy an adjustable foot rest like this you can use a stack of heavy books. Avoid storing objects under your desk so you have room to stretch your legs.



Best Desk View

Do your best to only have on your desk the essential items you need clear the rest off your desk, a clutter free desk can really help your mind stay focused.



Best Desk Location

When at all possible position your desk in an area of natural light where there is no glare on your computer screen. Natural light can help you stay more alert. Supplement your workspace with quality lighting on days with low light.



Best Office Location

If you have the choice choose an office that is vented by natural air and not air conditioned to help keep your mind clear and naturally fresh.



Best Office Decoration

Decorate your daytime office with plants that naturally produce oxygen. Learn more about healthy plants from this excellent book that will show you how to grow fresh air with plants.



Best Office Supplement

Keep by your desk a bottle of fresh cool water to nourish your mind and body. The best kind of bottle will be spill proof and portable learn more here. Read about the importance of water here.



Best Inexpensive Office Stress Reducer

Take one of these in one hand and squeeze!


I have learned these tips over the years from using reliable medical practitioners and reliable sources like the Mayoclinic website.

NOW take time to choose one of the above tips you do not use and incorporate it into your work space this week.

Best of everything to you,