To Create Success and Happiness – Give Real Value

Have you ever experienced the situation in your personal or professional life when you respond to an advertisement that says ‘Free Consultation’ and the consultation is more of a sales pitch for what you could get when you pay for the services.

In fact, you just wasted your time calling for the consultant or service provider and you wasted even more of your time listening to them. The service provider also most likely wasted their time as they most likely will not get the work from you.

I believe it is important that in life we ‘Must Give Value’ in all we do. What I am referring to is the idea of freely giving value in every action we take in our professional and personal lives. You could call it unconditional service in your professional life and unconditional love in your personal life.

Let me briefly expand (as briefly as an Irishman like me can ).

When you are offered an opportunity to give a client or customer a Free Consultation or advice you are in essence being interviewed for a job. If you give them real value and they pay nothing the truth is you are more likely to get trust from the person and they are more likely to invest in your services. Why? because in their mind they most likely are thinking “if they give me all this value for free wow! What will I get when I pay for it?”

The same applies in relationships. Sometimes people are dating or in social relationships with new people and they resist being open (giving value to the relationship) and sharing what they are really like. This blocks the other person for seeing you as you really are – a unique and wonderful person. No apologies are needed when you share who you are – we are all unique and wonderful individuals at heart. Let people know who you really are and real friends arrive because trust is formed when you share the real you.

Maybe you disagree with me but I believe that we should make our entire life situation real by giving value (substance) in all our actions.

What do you think?

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Action Step

Take a look at your life right now and write down potential future events where you can give more of yourself and ‘Make it Real’ in all you do.

Enjoy a wonderful day,